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TheCriminalDuder's News

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - 1 month ago

Thank you to everyone that have watched my animations and played my games, supported me, joked with me, drank and toked with me lol. One day soon I will give you all so much more entertainment. :3


Posted by TheCriminalDuder - May 14th, 2013

Spent 4 and a half hours cleaning my old place and it looks like I just moved in again. ^^
Tryin' to quit smokin' lately and been drawin' a bit. Not comfortable postin any art just yet though. Feel out of practice. SO odd when I catch myself tryin to undo a line I draw in pencil IRL or reach for an eraser when using the brush tool in flash.

Very happy to log in and see more reviews and that my junk actually isn't just on the internet for me to show mom and friends when drinking. lol

Drawing Dungeons and Dragon chars from my year long campaign. Never been good with realism though. Love bein' cartoony and chibi. Last duder ep I was workin on had a great new step too - characters moved more when talking, waved hands, diff expressions, etc. Tryin to tell more story with action to lip sync less. And if I do lip sync I don't like it when they're just standin around talkin - was really gettin more life into the animation.

After I practice drawin a bit this week I'm goin to get started on a Duders short and possible small game. As Notch from Minecraft really inspired me lately. I've let bein on a laptop and havin all my old flash library pre-made crap and sound fx collection on a broken PC I can't get at - put off all my art. Just goin to start from scratch and do it each ep. Reusing lips and background items is a cheat and wastes time I could get more practice in by doin more work.

May put some art up later this week. Thinking about a workin' on an ol' project idea I had too - so might have a lil' surprise for NG in the future. Furthermore here is a picture of me drunk making a fish face at my friend Jeff for you internet entertainment dose of this post. :3

Good day.

Goin back and forth from pencel and paper to tablit is odd.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - December 10th, 2012

A lot of people have been wonderin what I've been up to.
Well basically just workin lots, tryin to pay off debts so I can get me a new computer and transfer all my junk from my dead one so I can get back on the flash scene online here. In the meantime while everyone forgets about The Duders and me - and I go a lil' crazy and I decided to start makin vids even though I dont got any editing software on this laptop. Makes me feel naked.

Also my goal is to get 300 fans as I've once had 300 subs on youtube. Ya'll ain't goin to let this be eh? NG is better then youtube so fan me up my lil' NG brothers!

I've also been gettin drunk and hitting things in hidden locations atop mountains.

And I've been inspiring my friends.

Check out my bud Devons vids. He does a lot of beer reviews and is pretty good and underviewed.
Anyway peace guys! Hopefully within next year I get a new PC and can rip up flash again soon.

OH! And my sister got married. I was the most poorest, underdressed, and hairy hick at the wedding. lol

New vids and almost half way through my debts.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - July 3rd, 2012

So I'm not dead - just disabled. lol

My main computer tower broke and I'm still tryin to get money to either fix it or buy a new one and transfer the old files so I don't loose 5 years of flash games/movies, experimental music, art, scripts, poetry, etc. --- Essentially my lifes work.

I'm on a laptop I got free from Telus for signin up for their internet. It's tough gettin money as I got a 1200 vet pill to pay off first. So I may not be able to get my hands back on flash and my projects for the rest of the year. Which is depressing. If NG is comin with a video portal soon I'll have 30 + vids to upload. And in case of writing portal I can upload my poetry.

For now though I can't really do anything. I could get flash on the lap top and make a duder short from scratch. But, I don't have my sound library, my pre made Duder Pre Loader - and other things which makes it unmotivating.

However, I'm not dead. And I'm super jealouse of watchin all the new awesome stuff on NG lately. It's really inspireing, wish I had my computer working to join in. Almost was done Duders ep 4 part 1 and had other things in works.

Peace for now. I'll keep updates on the condition of gettin my comp and flash back. It's ironic actually. The comp that broke is the same one I got the first year I started on NG in 06.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - February 8th, 2012

I was excited to see the under construction stuff the other day.
my youtube looks different too but, NG's redesign is much better.

Glad I didn't lose my ol' youtube account, but am sad I didn't get certain projects done before last years end. Theirs always this year though. Stay fancy Newgrounds and keep up the awesome work. It's very inspiring.

Finishin' the last of lip sync for ep 4 part 1 scene 3, got a short in the works too, and my friends are bugging me to making a second Mullet-Man 2 and I just may as I got the engine still and a cam, and a need for experimentation.

Looks like all I got to do with this redesign is change co anthers from production to voice actors mostly. :P

Peace for now NG.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - December 16th, 2011

Had to make a new youtube.
Made a new vid as a response to some fan shit too.
Also, trying to get the voice acting so I can whip up a Duder Xmas Special Short I've had written for over a year.


I had 299 subs on my old youtube so ANY subs would be BATSHIT AWESOME.

And keep up the favs guys. Trust me, ya'll will love me by the end of next month. :3

Peace for now. Will update site, and shit as soon as more stuff for future is complete.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - October 27th, 2011

And I thought the Duder Fan Art was good.

Ep 4 part 1 and a Duder short comin before the end of the year.

And here's a pic of some experimental art I'm workin on. Tryin to draw the Duders more like DC or Marvel Comic style but it turned out like this. This is super old but, I want to finish it and colour it. Still need to draw Wolf, Demenius, Scotty, and Kai before colouring. Weird art I know.

Anyways peace for now NG. If anyone makes a youtube vid about me PM or link it in blogs cause it sucks when I discover these 2 years after they've been made.

I love my fans.  :)

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - October 11th, 2011

Ya'll should scout me so I can get on the art portal and submit more art. ;3

Also, been listenin' to Duder Podcast? The third one comes soon. Check my latest audio junk for it.

Honestly been sick with a bad flu for over a week and goin to the doc in case theirs a prob in my stomach. Haven't animated much with work lately too. Been huntin for a new job cause Im tired of workin on a gas station on a native reserve, servicing hookers, crackheads, pedos, drunks, and other fucked up products of society.

Ep 4 Part 1 is just one lil' half scene from being done actually. So I got just a lil' bit work left to do and then it should be out.

And now 8 minutes of ridiculousness.

I'm only a few subs on my youtube from 300 so get a subbin' duders.
I'm close to being a faved artiest 100 times on NG here so fav me up.
And I'm debating a Duder fan art contest as the response to suggesting it on my facebook got quite a bit of attention. So get Duder fan arts a goin'!

lol I love how I yap to peeps to sub and fav while I got maybe between 50 to 100 fans top. Though maybe I'm just bein' negative. Have you seen my work? Are you a fan? You should fav and sub. I'll surprise you... I'm good at that. I bet a toon or game or song or vid or mine will crack a smile so go give one a gander.

I get jealous looking at people younger then me or same age's profile and they have a fuckton of attention compared to me and a lot more awards. The awards on this site are tricky to get. Not just a good flash is needed, timing is key to. I think The Duders: Weather only got daily 3rd cause it had roughly 400 votes while the other dailies got 1000 + yet scored lower. The reason it did good is because it was submitted just a few hours short of the cut off of the day. If ya sqeeze in at the end and get voted up ya can snag a trophy. However I'd rather submit it at a good time and have it voted up to a winner not squeezed in.

I'm craving comments and reviews. Everyone should yap to me about my junk. What ya like? What ya hate? I shouldn't ask really... it's up to you. Grr... I feel like a kid who got a candy bar from the store but am greedy and want more.

Who'd like to see me get punched in the head again?
Video of me yappin?
Duder short?
Duder game?

Even if peeps don't lend me support and suggestions then I still have an idea of what direction to go. But I'm not makin' the Duders for myself. I'd really like to be makin' what Duder fans want too. it's difficult to figure out.

k, fuck, gotta end this blog. Can you tell I'm drinkin' coffee? Todays the anniversary of my father passing away so I'm stressed. Maybe I'll write poetry, make a youtube vid, and a podcast too. Might get to animation but, feelin' a lil unmotivated.

Peace for now NG.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - October 2nd, 2011

My youtube

My facebook

Anyone with a youtube or facebook I'd love to sub and friend with.

Posted by TheCriminalDuder - September 24th, 2011


A bit of a rush this year as I didn't start work on it until the 20th, 2 days before the due date. :P

Anyway, I got not just this Duder short, but this one too out.

Check out my flash, theirs a lot there to see and more comin'.

Also boots.

Been makin podcasts too so give those a gander if ya got the time.
Goin to update my website soon. Keep watching. Review and comment too.

Peace guys! Have a good one!