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Spent 4 and a half hours cleaning my old place and it looks like I just moved in again. ^^
Tryin' to quit smokin' lately and been drawin' a bit. Not comfortable postin any art just yet though. Feel out of practice. SO odd when I catch myself tryin to undo a line I draw in pencil IRL or reach for an eraser when using the brush tool in flash.

Very happy to log in and see more reviews and that my junk actually isn't just on the internet for me to show mom and friends when drinking. lol

Drawing Dungeons and Dragon chars from my year long campaign. Never been good with realism though. Love bein' cartoony and chibi. Last duder ep I was workin on had a great new step too - characters moved more when talking, waved hands, diff expressions, etc. Tryin to tell more story with action to lip sync less. And if I do lip sync I don't like it when they're just standin around talkin - was really gettin more life into the animation.

After I practice drawin a bit this week I'm goin to get started on a Duders short and possible small game. As Notch from Minecraft really inspired me lately. I've let bein on a laptop and havin all my old flash library pre-made crap and sound fx collection on a broken PC I can't get at - put off all my art. Just goin to start from scratch and do it each ep. Reusing lips and background items is a cheat and wastes time I could get more practice in by doin more work.

May put some art up later this week. Thinking about a workin' on an ol' project idea I had too - so might have a lil' surprise for NG in the future. Furthermore here is a picture of me drunk making a fish face at my friend Jeff for you internet entertainment dose of this post. :3

Good day.

Goin back and forth from pencel and paper to tablit is odd.

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