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I am a creator - I love to create. I embrace my emotion to indulge in creativity with great pleasure. :3

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Comments (7)

Sounds like some big steps in a new direction, that's great! Hope you can ditch smoking, it truly sucks dude.

I didn't start smokin cigs for a long time. Only been smokin for a year, but fuck does it take the wind outa ya. Can't vacuum my bloody house without workin up a sweat. Feel pathetic.

I'd suggest to, if you want to ditch smoking, daily smoke less. For example, the first day you smoke 5 cigars. The second day 4, the third 3, and so on.

Dungeons and Dragons...loved that game. It's where I got the username from. Deiman Labraxadores was my bold Warrior.

I have a level 25 hobgoblin warlord/legendary general. Chaotic evil, insane, worships Dagon, loves slavery, and so many homebrew rules have caused him to become a mutant, demon, and a mummy. lol

I've totally pressed ctrl+z on a piece of paper, and when you catch yourself doing it you feel like such a fuckin clown

I've totally pressed ctrl+z on a piece of paper, and when you catch yourself doing it you feel like such a fuckin clown

When ya catch yourself doin it more then once and thinking "WTF is wrong with this stupid fucking paper - why is this shit not undoing. My paper better not have a virus." then snap back to reality from a blonde moment.

Yeah, I still prefer inking on paper, but I prefer coloring with a tablet. I try to do both to stay sharp and to not get too comfortable. I think being a tiny bit uncomfortable all the time helps keep an artist on his toes, like sharpening a knife. My first drawings ever back in 2000 were of our d&d characters. I had no idea I'd be making a career of it back then. :P Stay cool man!

DND replaced flash for me when my old PC broke. Funny thing is - DND is gettin back into flash and art as I want to draw my characters. lol

Quitting smoking is no easy task. One method that worked well for me was to replace one addiction with another. For instance, sunflower seeds, know to have addictive properties, and significantly less harmful to ur health. Buy a pack of seeds and every time u get a craving for a smoke pop some seeds for the oral fixation.

It doesn't work for everyone but it worked for me :)


Hey thanks. I love candy covered spits so I may get some seeds.