Entry #113

New vids and almost half way through my debts.

2012-12-10 14:57:33 by TheCriminalDuder

A lot of people have been wonderin what I've been up to.
Well basically just workin lots, tryin to pay off debts so I can get me a new computer and transfer all my junk from my dead one so I can get back on the flash scene online here. In the meantime while everyone forgets about The Duders and me - and I go a lil' crazy and I decided to start makin vids even though I dont got any editing software on this laptop. Makes me feel naked.

Also my goal is to get 300 fans as I've once had 300 subs on youtube. Ya'll ain't goin to let this be eh? NG is better then youtube so fan me up my lil' NG brothers!

I've also been gettin drunk and hitting things in hidden locations atop mountains.

And I've been inspiring my friends.

Check out my bud Devons vids. He does a lot of beer reviews and is pretty good and underviewed.
Anyway peace guys! Hopefully within next year I get a new PC and can rip up flash again soon.

OH! And my sister got married. I was the most poorest, underdressed, and hairy hick at the wedding. lol

New vids and almost half way through my debts.


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