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My picture was one of the farts. :D
I would've liked to see the names of the artists behind some of the pics though - a few have signatures which is neat.
BoM's is probably my fav as the big nose on Keanu looks wonderful. :)

Why I love this series?

The characters are fuckin' great and the jokes a brutally entertaining.
Love the animation and the singing pussy + cuts were great.
"I forgot to change him." lol
I hung out with a lot of E-tards last summer and ya nailed the e-tard personality.
I wish this stuff wasn't just on NG but TV - it's bloody great.

ApocalypseCartoons responds:



I rather like this Tobi fellow. I'd like to see Jerry hang out with more friends like him.

After watching this I shall never order more then 3 cheeseburgers while munching out at DQ. Good day sir. Let the mullet be with you.

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This is so wonderful I am almost speechless. I never thought the internet could move me this much. :*)

The background arts excellent, the voice Hans supplied was great, the sprite itself is the most smallest adorable pixel Duder I've ever seen, the upgrades are fun, every time I died and came back to fight more and get more upgrades was magnificent fun, the controls feel like an ol' school arcade game which makes me smile even more, and overall this is amazing. Lovin' the medals too.

I found the Jet-pack is easy to get once you have the life and shield upgrades. 1000 gems doesn't seem far away once you rape Rainbow Puke. And the rainbow puke itself was the best part of it.

I am astounded once again by what the NG community can do, I'll never forget what my friends have done on this site for me. Thank you guys - thank you so much.

Awesome look and feel.

Love the part of my peice ya used for the thumbnail for mine. :3

Swain did a great job with the voices even though I kind of miss hearing Blockhead tryin' to say the usernames. Impressive amount of pages and great amount of different styles. Loved some of the comments too.

Great tour - just a bloody great tour. I'm gonna celibrate! You should too!

Played it over 2 hours.

Beat it - love the end.
I had a huge laugh over the cost of destroying Earth only being $47,000.
Love all the cameos of NG characters.
Be proud dude - this game screams great quality and it feels like your playing something you could buy off the shelf.

I'd like to see even more cameos added one day and maybe a more expensive price on the destruction of Earth for more of a challenge.

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Extremely peaceful and pleasent. I great song to lean back in your chair to and relax.
I agree with Spike - make moar.

I always wanted to learn to play the paino or a keyboard - ya got talent.
The ending was my fav part. :3
My advice? Experiment more too - never know what you'll end up makin'.

Xeptic responds:

Thanks for the review man :) I'll definitely make more!

Cool stuff. :)

I'm a fan of the original and I adore singing it wasted on Rock Band 2.
A bit trippy, still cool though - pure awesomeness.

Lazy-Dan35 responds:

Thanks! Its a good song to sing wasted too, cause there's not much singing, mostly talking in it, until the end, but usually people don't get that far, cause of the solo's.

"Without he looks like Rick Astley"

lol made my day.
Now I feel like singing. :P

Hamalo responds:

Lol, thank you. And you really do look like Rick Astley :D

I am a creator - I love to create. :3

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